Birthday Flowers

My English is not too bad, thanks to my year in Beckenham, with my wonderful Jewish family, three months at the “Cassel Hospital“ in Richmond, one year at “Royal Central School of Speech and Drama“ and various courses at the Arvon Foundation.

I am grateful to every single English person I met during all these years. Because they all formed my inner English landscape. And made me love England and English.

At the moment I am again and again with Jane Austin. I am so pleased she never married. How would she have found the time to write her novels?

„Pride and Prejudice“ is my favourite. I love audio books. In the nights I can’t sleep, I hasten to my I-phone, put the earphones in and listen. I do not know how many times I have listened to “Pride and Prejudice“ and how many times I will do it again. I would love to know it by heart! Of course I know every single scene! I have seen the old film with Laurence Olivier. What a Darcy!   

Another hero of my nights is Julian Fellowes! Of course I wachted “Downton Abbey“. And then I discovered my next favourite book by him “Past Imperfect“. A fantastic book, especially for people say over fifty. He portrays wishes and prospects and what becomes of them. He reads this book himself! The book, his voice, all this appears to me so personal, that I believe it to be partly his own story. Once finished, I take a break and after say 6 months I allow myself to listen to it again.  

There are more evergreens on my list. For example a Sir Canon Doyle Collection, read by Stephen Fry. The book is a never ending collection. Stephen Fry has a wonderful voice too. Love it! Another great favourite of mine I have to mention is Nancy Mitford and the Mitford Sisters. Listening to “In Pursuit of Love“ I am non-stop pleased. A smile stays put on my face. She is a repetitive with me too.

I want to recommend these books to readers of my blog. From all my heart. I think, they are especially beneficial in the night and especially good to be read in English.

To all of you a wonderful rest of the week and a nice weekend with sun and maybe a bit of rain – we need it! – and good books. Well, I did my very best in recommending mine! Stay healthy!